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Header: Liala Amin, Medusa (detail), 2020, Mixed media on canvas, 14 x 11 inches.

Image courtesy of the artist. 

Cover Art by Liala Amin

About Medusa (cover) – According to Greek myth, Medusa was a monster. A grotesque killer of men. But in recent narratives she is a woman reclaiming her power and her space. A symbol of feminine rage standing her ground. In this portrait, she is the center demanding your attention. Chaos surrounds her but her gaze is stoic. 

In times of uncertainty, Liala Amin turned to art and its therapeutic facets. Her practice is meditative. Her art is a visual journal, a documentation of emotion, growth, and discovery. She draws intuitively, allowing lines to flow and form organic, and sometimes chaotic, patterns. But within chaos there is a union of consciousness and creativity. Multiple materials allow her to express different ideas and she enjoys incorporating different media in each artwork. Liala encourages the viewer to look closer to take in the details, reflecting lights, and shifting colors. “Life changes depending on our view: we become illuminated differently by every new perspective.” 

Liala Amin is a Milwaukee artist who received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fibers from the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2014. Her work includes mixed media paintings, drawings, and textiles. She flows between mediums, oftentimes combining all in one piece, to explore the tactile nature of how materials can narrate her story. Amin’s work is a personal exploration of self-acceptance through themes of spirituality, psychology, and identity. She considers her art a visual journal and an outlet to manifest introspection and responses to the process of personal growth. 

Her work has been exhibited within local and Midwest group exhibitions. She is currently an Artist in Residence at Var West Gallery in Milwaukee​. 

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 In this issue we introduce you to:

work by Terrence Adeyanju, Liala Amin,  Tyanna Buie, Jaron Childs, Celeste Contreras, Iuscely Flores, Anika Kowalik, Akira Mabon, Shannon Lee Molter,  Mindy Sue Wittock

exhibition spaces: Arts + Literature Laboratory, Mahogany Gallery, Rountree Gallery

our growing artist directory: Patty Aker, Ann Baer, Phyllis Bankier, Cyndy Baran, Deborah Brooks, Bonnita Budysz, Fabian Ceron, Meg Ciccantelli, Tim Day, Enchanted Animal Portraits/Risha Cupit, Bruce Furlin, Christopher Gill, Jennifer Hochschild, Jean’s Clay Studio/Jean Wells, Ian Baker Johnson, Clare Jorgensen, Karly Jean Kainz, Nelson Kies, Mel Kolstad, Frank Korb, Linda Marcus, Karon Bloo Marine, Marco Mendoza, Mb Squared Photography, David Mueller, Julie Nielsen, Jeanne Nikolai Olivieri, Leslie Paulus, Linda Popp, Kathleen Leahy Pulz, Scorpio Encaustics, Nicole Shaver, Tom Smith, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Katie Stensberg, Jeff Stern, Smere Tactics/Sara Meredith, Sonia Vasquez, Mark Weller, Sara Willadsen

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“connecting and supporting the visual arts in Wisconsin”

Art As Activism

(Emerging Art Leaders Fellows Program and Tyanna Buie)

Contributing Writer:
Xela Garcia

We are living through moments in time that are agitating and redefining the world as we know it.  At the center of this are the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism, which have forced us to question the meaning of justice and pushed us to further explore the concept of community—as we define it, embody it and ultimately, protect it. These conversations are spilling into the public realm and are creating the visual language that pairs with this discourse.

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View From The Studio

(Terrence Adenyanju, Jaron Childs, and Akira Mabon)

Contributing Writer:
Todd Mrozinski

Terrence Adeyanju’s first remembered moment of artistic inspiration occurred when he asked his mom to write the letter “K” on a piece of paper and she thought he said “cake” and drew that instead. He was amazed by her drawing and copied it over and over again. That love of art continued through his childhood and, despite a brief hiatus in high school, proceeded with his graduation from MATC in graphic design. 

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BIPOC Artist Spotlights

(Celeste Contreras, Iuscely Flores, Anika Kowalik)

Contributing Writer:
Juan Miguel Martinez

Celeste Contreras is busy at work in her studio. She draws deep, dark lines on brown paper which are concise and thoughtfully executed. “I find absolute peace here, and I love being in the energy of a place of learning”, she tells me. School has always been a passion of hers, as learning new ways of thinking and explorations of worlds is something that aligns with the philosophy of her work.

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On The Rise

(Arts + Lit Laboratory, Mahogany Gallery, and Rountree Gallery)

Contributing Writer:
Rachel Hausmann Schall

The Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL) is situated between co-working spaces, business incubators, and tech start-up companies in a newly renovated area of Madison that was once industrial wasteland but is now becoming an arts and culture hub. Art Lit Lab, as it’s known by community members, is housed in an industrial space shared by a brand new parking garage. ALL is focused on building connections between visual, literary, and performing arts through community-driven practices and programming. 

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Fiber Arts

(Shannon Lee Molter and Mindy Sue Wittock)

Contributing Writer:
Linda Marcus

Shannon Lee Molter has a deep connection to nature and the environment. From sumptuous repurposed leather sculptures and flora and fauna inspired conceptual garments, to her large-scale, forest-like installations, Molter beckons the viewer to take a deeper look at the earth and the wildlife on it. “ The story is so much more complicated than what we experience on a daily basis.” according to Molter.

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Artdose Talks

This is an ongoing artist talk series.

Facilitated by publisher Frank Juarez

For many of us, we lost opportunities due to the pandemic. Rather than waiting for an opportunity to knock on our door, we thought why not knock of many doors. In late March, we introduced our version of online artist talks called Artdose Talks.

Due to these unprecedented times, we continue to create platforms to connect with artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, and the broad community through online initiatives and programming.

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Artdose Magazine is an independent print and digital art magazine committed to connecting and supporting the visual arts in Wisconsin.

We believe we all share common goals of introducing, engaging, and offering others diverse art experiences provided through our arts programming and services. As we move into 2021, our content will become more inclusive, equitable, and diverse. 

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