Written by Erika L. Block

Adam Fulwiler is an acrylic painter living and working in the Green Bay area. He is a 2017 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay where he majored in Studio Arts, but truly began developing a serious body of work in 2009, describing a “dire need” to make art.

He has chosen to focus his efforts on acrylic painting because of his love for the material, and the satisfaction he feels when pushing paint around on a canvas. “The layering and build-up of the paint serves as a metaphor for the layers a conversation has, each layer informs and inspires the next. Creating a history of marks and decisions.” Fulwiler is driven by the endless possibilities of what acrylic paint can do. He finds inspiration by experimenting with other mediums such as pastels, charcoal, spray paint and latex enamel, as well as the utilization of non-traditional supports and methods. He terms this experimentation “serious play.” His workspace essentials include music, podcasts, and LaCroix.

His current body of work is based in formalism, geometry, and abstraction, “forging links between the organic and the geometric, while at the same time translating vocal into visual, words into gesture, conversation into mark. I’m taking memories of conversations or verbal interactions and visually depicting them by using the formal elements.” Significant relationships emerge in his paintings, through his artistic process based around trial and error, and his insistence on keeping things fresh. He has gone through multiple evolutions in his work, each evolution influencing the next. “I took what I learned from my past body of work and brought it into my current. I hope to continue to explore these ideas and strengthen the way I communicate them to the viewer.”

While all artists have access to the same informational and inspirational sources, especially online, it is our individual reactions and conclusions to what we see that determines where it takes us. Fulwiler believes what sets his work apart from others is the way he deals with space, as well as the unique way in which he links the organic with the geometric.

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Erika L. Block is a professional writer and designer working exclusively with the art, music, publishing, film and fashion industries. She is also a contemporary mixed media artist.

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