Change is Good

Written by Erika L. Block

An Interview with Frank Juarez, the Man Behind Artdose Magazine

If you’re part of the art community in Wisconsin, you’ve likely heard the name Frank Juarez a time or two. He’s a full-time art educator and the owner of Frank Juarez Gallery, as well as the biggest Wisconsin arts advocate you’ll ever meet. He manages several art-related websites, publishes a weekly art newsletter, conducts lectures and workshops, and leads a monthly art social club – among many other special projects. He’s even self-published a book outlining the essential professional practices for artists.

Years ago, Frank was visiting a good friend in Richmond, Virginia when he discovered an art guide that caught his attention. He brought the guide home and carried it with him for quite some time, recognizing the need for such a guide in his own area.“I knew that I wanted to create an art publication that would put the visual arts at the forefront, provide the opportunity to feature Wisconsin artists, and bridge the gap between small art communities.” Artdose Art Guide was born.

As publisher, Frank’s primary goal is to make the publication sustainable. Since its inception, Artdose has developed great relationships with Wisconsin artists and art-related businesses, and is always looking for ways to nurture those relationships long-term. In response to market research and its evaluation, Frank makes the necessary changes to continue moving the publication forward.For example, last year Artdose merged with his weekly art newsletter, FRANK & CO. which broadened his audience, followers, and subscribers across the board. “We are exposed daily to artists, artwork, exhibitions and art events via submissions and social media. Sometimes it can be difficult to tap into a broader audience using our own resources. Through collaborative efforts, we can all share our love for Wisconsin art and share all of the amazing things happening in our communities.”

Artdose is now transitioning from a quarterly art guide to a bi-annual magazine, while remaining just as committed to connecting and supporting the visual arts in Wisconsin. This new format will allow for even more multi-platform content, to counteract the declining interest in traditional printed media. Some of the upcoming features include more artist interviews, curator spotlights, a bigger artist directory, a growing list of art venues, advocacy from Arts Wisconsin, information on art social club gatherings, and more. “The publishing industry is a lot of work, and highly competitive when the demand is focused more on having an online presence. But there is something nice about having a tangible publication that you can feel, takes notes in, carry with you, and share with others.”

Frank Juarez is fueled by his commitment to champion the visual arts in Wisconsin. Artdose has been, and will continue to be, a maturing publication responding to the needs of Wisconsin’s art community, and creating new opportunities that bring people together. “I enjoy seeing how this art publication continues to evolve. Change is good. It allows me to keep thinking outside the box and figuring out new ways to continue engaging others in the visual arts.”

Erika L. Block is a professional writer and designer working exclusively with the art, music, publishing, film and fashion industries. She is also a contemporary mixed media artist.

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