Artdose Magazine is pleased to announce a series of partnerships that will provide the opportunity to introduce, educate, and engage the broader community to arts organizations, art services, and collaborative projects. We are interested in developing partnerships with art galleries, art centers, art museums, art services, and artists living in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA)

WVA champions and supports visual artists working within the state by forging partnerships that make creative opportunities possible. 

WVA is dedicated to:

  • Artists
  • The fair pay and treatment of artists
  • Quality of exhibitions & programming
  • Arts advocacy at the legislature level
  • Improving and beautifying our communities
  • Educating those around us about art
  • Provide networking opportunities

Wisconsin Visual Artists started in 1900 as the Society of Milwaukee Artists. The name was changed to Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors in 1913, and to Wisconsin Visual Artists in 2008. This group is one of less than a half dozen American professional art organizations surviving for more than 110 years. The vast majority of early Wisconsin artists who have been nominated for the Wisconsin Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards have been members of WVA at one time or another. Today, it has three chapters throughout the state with hundreds of members. It has had international art exchanges, and continues to provide significant exhibitions throughout Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Artists Biennial at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

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