Professional Practices for Artists: An Essential Guide to Impacting your Art Career is now available.

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In this essential guide, Frank Juarez, shares six important areas that guide an artist into a path of success.  Each section illustrates examples of how they play a role inside and outside of the studio. With over a decade of experience in business, arts management, education, and facilitating professional practices for artists: business of art training workshops throughout Wisconsin, he writes this guide with you in mi

This perfect bound publication covers the following areas: Six Key Points to Effective Self-Promotion, The Importance of a Studio Visit, Understanding Your Art Market, Strategic Planning, Living in the Digital Age, and Assessment. This essential guide comes with a workbook (PDF), which will be emailed with each purchase.

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Please note: this is a revised copy of the 2018 essential guide. 



Building Art Community: Celebrating 10 Years of Local Visual Arts in Sheboygan



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This publication features a small sampling documenting various art-related activities sprinkled throughout our community. All images were submitted at the time of printing. 

The perfect bound publication contains 80 pages of full-color images, testimonials, a dedicated section titled, “Artist Spotlight”, and a list of  where to buy original works of art. 

Cover photo credit: Tom Ferguson.

Published by Artdose Art Guide, 2017.

Layout by Sally Carson.

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Written by Frank Juarez

It is wonderful to see artists and business owners in the Sheboygan area taking creative risks in order to nurture our growing visual arts community. When I first moved to Sheboygan twelve years ago, one of my goals was to find a group of artists to exhibit, network, and talk about art with. A decade ago, the Sheboygan Visual Artists was created, then studios like the Knaak + Juarez Studio, Liz Ann Lange Art & Design, Eighty Art & Design later emerged, Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC opened their doors to the art community, and most recently pop up art shows began poppin’ up inside artists’ private residences. If you were to look back to when you first set foot inside the local art scene – whether it be as an artist, art patron, art enthusiast, or collector – to what it looks like today, you will see growth, perseverance, engagement, and opportunity.

All in all, we are living in an exciting time to be able to celebrate the past decade of local visual arts. There is definitely a diverse offering for experiencing art through community recurring events such as Final Fridays, Art + Coffee and Blank Canvas, not to mention numerous exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, and community art programs at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Two Fish Gallery, ArtenSoul Studio, and the Z Spot Espresso & Coffee.

These published photos are a small sampling documenting various art-related activities sprinkled throughout our community. Photos were contributed by local photographers Richard Biemann, Tom Ferguson, Frank Juarez, Pat Ryan, and Dale Van Minsel. This book does not discredit what existed prior to 2007. This is a historic time that I believe should be celebrated – more now, than before. All venues listed were published at the time of printing.

– Frank Juarez
Founder & editor of Artdose Art Guide



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