Artdose Talks with Frank Juarez

About Artdose Magazine’s Artdose Talks

For many of us, we lost opportunities due to the pandemic. Rather than waiting for an opportunity to knock on our door, we thought why not knock of many doors. In late March, we introduced our version of online artist talks called Artdose Talks. Due to these unprecedented times, we continue to create platforms to connect with artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, and the broad community.

On October 26th, we published out 25th episode featuring Wallpapered City Founder, Stacey Williams-Ng. These talks have been great way to remain in contact with artists, curators, creative directors, business owners, and so on.

To participate as a featured artist, please complete the submission form below. We welcome all genre, discipline, and subject matter.

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Upcoming 2021 Artdose Talks

March 01 | Katherine Steichen Rosing (painting)

Recent Artdose Talks

Episode 32 | Katie Lemieux (ceramics) – supported by a grant from the Kohler Foundation, Inc.

Episode 31 | Liala Amin (painting) – supported by a grant from the Kohler Foundation, Inc.

Episode 30 | Mel Kolstad (printmaking) – supported by a grant from the Kohler Foundation, Inc.

Past Artdose Talks

Episode 29 | Essie Somma (collage, painting)

Episode 28 | Sara OConnor (painting)

Episode 27 | Julie Himel (painting)

Episode 26 | Ryann Liebl (R.E.L. Films)

Episode 25 | Stacey Williams-Ng (Wallpapered City, murals)

Episode 24 | Kelly Alexander (paper cutting)

Episode 23 | Megan Woodard Johnson (painting)

Episode 22| Adam Stoner (painting, animation)

Episode 21 | Zach Mory (drawing), , Episode 21

Episode 20 | Michael Burmesch (photography), , Episode 20

Episode 19| Cody Schreck, The Warehouse MKE (gallery manager)

Episode 18 | Celeste Contreras (community artist)

Episode 17 | The Happiness Project (community art, mural)

Episode 16 | Heather Olker (mixed media, photography)

Episode 15 | Meg Ciccantelli (painting)

Episode 14| Phoenix Brown (mixed media) 

Episode 13 | DJ MkFly (DJ)

Episode 12| Chase Gentry (drawing)

Episode 11 | Jes Zange (fiber art)

Episode 10 | Maureen Ashley Turner (digital art, photography)

Episode 9| Jim Ford (painting, sculpture, collage)

Episode 8 | Cristy Corso (mixed media)

Episode 7 | Carley Knight (painting)

Episode 6 | Frank Korb (painting)

Episode 5| Mindy Sue Wittock (sculpture)

Episode 4 | Denise Presnell (painting)

Episode 3 | James Rees (printmaking)

Episode 2 | Q & A with Frank. Juarez (publisher)

Episode 1 | Intro to Artdose Talks

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