That’s a wrap! December 2020 Blank Canvas virtual event.

Artdose Magazine is pleased to bring back the highly anticipated BLANK CANVAS art event. BLANK CANVAS began about six years ago at the Knaak + Juarez Studio in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Artists Dale Knaak and Frank Juarez opened their studio for artists to create art and to invite the public to meet local artists.

Artdose Magazine is happy to re-create this event virtually. Times are difficult right now for all of us especially for the holidays. We need to be surrounded by others even if it is from the opposite end of the screen. BLANK CANVAS is an opportunity to share and talk about art.

Coming in 2021.


a social gathering that encourages art making with your fellow artists. Whether you are a painter, drawer, sculptor, poet or musician, this is a great way to be surrounded by artists and to work in a positive and creative environment. Plus, if you enjoy talking about art, then this is the perfect place for you.