Publisher’s Note

Vol 32

Since July 2021, the art world in Wisconsin began opening up strategically with many galleries, art museums, institutions returning to a mix of in-person and virtual events and exhibitions. Like many of us, I find myself being a bit more selective as to what I attend in person. Not sure if this is pandemic related or the fact what the pandemic  has taught me, which is to surround myself with things that enrich my life or perhaps it may be difficult to keep up with the abundance of art that continues to flood our social media accounts, inboxes, and within our own art communities. Regardless of my own personal reasons, it is great to see people enjoy art IRL again and to show their support.

This energy, enthusiasm, and drive has presented the opportunity to think about the future of Artdose Magazine. Since day one, the goal has been to bring what is happening in the Wisconsin visual arts to you. As we enter our 9th year, I start to wonder what will Artdose look like once it reaches its 10th year anniversary milestone in 2023? What type of impact will it have if it expanded its reach? Could there be opportunities for collaboration, networking, or even exhibitions? I have always been fascinating about ‘the unknown’. Not knowing peaks my curiosity, reignites my motivation, and refuels my passion for the visual arts. Let’s see where this takes us in the near future. 

Frank Juárez