Studio Visits

Every month Frank Juarez, publisher, will be traveling throughout Wisconsin and possibly other states to do a series of studio visits. These studio visits will introduce you to artists working in various media.

If you are an artist and would like a visit from Frank, please fill out the form below.

Denise Presnell | Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Denise Presnell is a painter/mixed media artist currently living and working as a full-time artist in Sheboygan, WI. She earned her BFA in Printmaking from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and her MFA in Painting from the Pennsylvania State University. Graduate school was followed by 31 years of teaching art on the college/university level. 

For most of those 31 years, Denise’s imagery centered around the natural landscape – mostly focusing on the landscape in Wisconsin. Over the past two years, her work evolved from heavily abstracted landscapes into full-blown, formal abstraction. Her current work unapologetically celebrates the exhilaration of risk taking. 

Denise’s work has been exhibited in over one hundred solo, group, and competitive exhibitions across the United States as well as exhibitions in Tokyo, Botswana, Kenya, and Shanghai.

Follow Denise at @denisepresnell

Juan Perez | Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Juan Perez is a self-taught painter from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Since his childhood he has always been interested in art. It wasn’t until his retirement that he began to invest more into his studio practice.

Juan Perez (born 1956) is an American municipal politician and lawyer. He is the former Mayer of Sheboygan. Perez is the first Latino mayor inWisconsin.

Ann Baer | Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Ann Baer is a collector of old, broken, and discarded wood products, plus a few other things that she may, someday, (or not) use in an art piece. She dumpster dives, frequents Goodwill, scrounge from friends and scour the streets on garbage days. 

Her creative space is packed with wood bowls, knife racks, chair legs and miscellaneous ephemera. Much of it still seems usable, but out of date or chipped, so it is cast away. These interesting, sometimes unattractive objects and dismantled parts find new relevance in her hands as she uses them to create new beings and personas. She uses her passion and emotions in creating both sculptures and paintings. As an abstract expressionist, she begins her work with writing, and transform the paintings into reflections of her feelings. As in her 3D work, she uses a brilliant palette. Sometimes she has a concept to begin with and other times it evolves as the pieces fall into place.  All the themes have meaning to her in the end and relate to her ideals, beliefs, history, and philosophy.

Follow Ann at @ann_baer_art

Justin Fondrie | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Justin Fondrie (born 1987) is a Wisconsin based artist and educator. He received his MFA in Imaging Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. His photographic work largely encompasses experimental processes that invoke the ideas of memory, pop culture, and temporality. Fondrie currently lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Follow Justin at @justin_fondrie

Dale Knaak | Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Dale Knaak sees his paintings as a point of contemplation, a contemporary statement on past and present. Study through the spirit of self-expression and life experiences.

Working primarily in the studio, my focus has been on still life painting, the urban landscape and the human form. My work explores a fascination with the conventional spaces and objects of the everyday. Satisfaction comes not from the finished painting, but from the process. And paramount to that process is the drawing. I’m intrigued by subtle shifts in color, value, texture and how light shapes form and structure. I find it interesting to process and reinterpret a visual observation, into a personal experience.

Follow Dale on Instagram at @knaakpaintings

Tim Day | Fredonia, Wisconsin

Tim Day’s work is culled from current or past media/photos with influences stemming from past art studies, which finds new meaning in his work today. Utilizing an array of new materials and methods allows him the gateway needed to produce work that is important, relevant, and timeless.

Follow Tim on Instagram at @jtd_projects 

Terie Leicht | Fredonia, Wisconsin

Terie Leicht’s art is inspired by ideas that she cares about and is made from materials often old and discarded. Caring and creativity are at the core of who she is as an artist and a person. Her journeys often take her to estate sales, junk stores, used book shops, and other places filled with things forgotten by others. The road to where she’s been has been filled with a few roundabouts and washouts, it has never been boring.

While making her art she is often reminded of the words of the sculptor Brancusi – “to see far is one thing; going there is another”. 

Her ultimate goal will always be to take you there.

Megan Woodard Johnson | West Bend, Wisconsin

Megan Woodard Johnson’s abstract mixed media work combines collected materials like vintage school books, ledgers, and hand-written correspondence with expressive layers of paint and drawn marks. This juxtaposition of found paper ephemera, which carries history of its own, with her intuitive use of color and abstract mark making creates contemporary paintings that celebrate the energy of the present as well as the nostalgia of the past. 

Her current series of abstract works are visual, visceral records of layers of moments and experiences converging to create the rich and complex elements of our personal histories. She thinks of each piece as a kind of map: charting the experiences that have come before, imagining what will happen next – layering spontaneity and organization, resulting in a celebration of the complexity of a moment.

Follow Megan on Instagram at @meganwoodardjohnsonart