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The Artdose Magazine Weekly (AMW) art e-newsletter is an extension of Artdose Magazine LLC, which is committed to sharing art happenings in the visual arts in the Midwest such as but not limited to: featured artists, exhibitions, events, announcements, partnership spotlights, collaborations, and artist profiles with our growing subscribers and social media followers. This art e-newsletter hits inboxes every Sunday at 7pm (CST).  Subscribe today. 

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Featured Artists

Our featured artist spotlight has expanded to include artists from across the globe. Although we are a Wisconsin-based art publication, we believe in the power of art no matter where we live, work, or create. If you are interested in having your work featured, please submit the required items listed below. 

Checklist: Featured Artist Spotlight

In every weekly art e-newsletter we dedicate a section that highlights the work of local, regional, national, and international artists. This feature is on a first come basis. No fee to submit.

To be considered, submit the following items to Frank Juárez at frankjuarezgallery(at)gmail(dot)com. In the subject box type type Artdose Magazine Weekly Artist Submission.  Incomplete submissions will not be processed. 

  • 3-5 images of your work (<1MB/each) (please do not embed images into Word or Pages document; send images separately with an accompanied list of captions)
  • caption list (saved as a Word or Pages document)
  • brief artist statement & brief bio (written in 3rd person and saved as a Word or Pages document)
  • functioning website (website will be linked to your spotlight)
  • and Instagram handle (you will be tagged when your work is published)

Preferred work from a specific body of work. No fee to submit.

2022 | Julia Schekel, Dan Herro, Amy Nelder, Nina Tichava, Krista Reuter, Shannon Melo, Natalie Christiansen, Jeff Corwin, Kathleen Frank, Mark Yale Harris, Bette Ridgeway, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Carrie Johnson, Shan Bryan-Hanson, Debra Davis-Crabbe, Jacob Docksey, Pat Bishop, Susan Feller, Leslie Schoen, Jean Roberts-Guequierre, Al Diaz, Issis Macias, CH Hungerman, Carl Heyward, Paige Nortstrom, Asad Faulwell, Arielle Romano, Maki Sato, Kendra Bilotto, Lila Brochá, Erin Kaiser, Emily Smokey, Andy DeWeerdt, Mary Porterfield, Marily Propp, Zelene Jiang Schlosberg, Robin Jebavy, April Behnke, Kate Marotz, Tatyana Kurepina, Kimberly Burnett, Deanna Gibson, Joseph Ivacic, Amanda Crary, Dennis Parlante, Kathy Weaver, Stephon Kiba Freeman, Deb Lee Carson, Katherine Nemanich, Erin Garber-Pearson, Gaba Lamas

2021 | Rebecca Kautz, Teal Wilson, Deborah Brooks, Mara Manning, Carlyle Wolfe, Linda Popp, Casey Whittier, Karin Czermak, Katie Lemieux, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Jenna Valoe, Rachael Gonzalez, Emma Freeman, Abby Wolfzorn, Rossella Paolini, Bethan Moran-Handzlik, Carol Kasmer Irving, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Kelly Witte, Patti Samper, Ciara Kaspaka, Skully, Adriana Barrios, Magnus Nordstrand, Emily Clement, Carley Schmidt, Laurén Brady, Linda King Ferguson, David Najib Kasir, Dara Larson, Meghan Burke McGrath, Roberta King, Ben Herbert, Allison Baker, Jen Broemel, Yoonshin Park, Ann Lawton, Sarah Leuchtner, Nimisha Doongarwal, Alonzo Pantoja, Guzzo Pinc, Harvey Opgenorth, Nicholas Battis, Peggy Farrell, Laura Pineda Köhn, Mary Wagner, Jordan Acker Anderson, Change, Laura Nugent, Francesca Simonite

2020 | Benz Amataya, Patricia Spergel, Angelica Contreras, Vera DG, Juan de la Rica, Jes Zange, Katie Neece, Joe Gajewski, Melissa Pare, Kaylie Steinhaus, James Rees, Matthew Durante, Brad Richten, Robin Dulden, Anita Tiwary, Jamie Bates Slone, Nicholas Perry, Tom Amoretti, Ginnie Cappeart, Patrick Earl Hammie, Martin Key, Zach Mory, Johana Moscoso, Pat Hidson, Mary Mendla, Holly Gray, Mariah Ferrari, Maddie Hantzsch, Jodi Hays, Mike Eagan, Kara Mia Fenoglietto, Renee Bebeau, Erika Whitney, Sabrina Siegel, Ksensia Slavcheva, Barbara Justice, Melissa Dorn, Nathan Vernau, Diane Levesque, Ash Dahlke, Ethan Krause, Ellen Soffer, Natalie Ergas, Jason Van Roo, Sofia Grim, Joseph E. Malson, Julie Himmel, Sara O’Connor, and Michael VelliquetteK

2019 | Mary Mendla, Ginnie Cappaert, Jeff Redmon, Bela Suresh Roongta, Jeni Gao, LaNia Sproles, Daniel Fleming, Stephanie Harvey, Nykoli Koslow, Ben Talatzko, A Bill Miller, Willow Bayer, Kate E. Martin, Alexandria Wilbur, Krista Allenstein, Janelle Gramling, Kate Stensberg, Ann Baer, Amy Lyn Ross, Jeanne Nikolai Oliveri, Wendy Turchan, Jay Arpin, Nita Moore, Karina Polasky, Molly Hassler, Siri Stensberg, Erin LaBonte, Andrea Guzzetta, Justin Fondrie, Adrienne Der Marderosian, Timothy Brenner, Tanner MacArthur, Claire Elliott, Gail Winbury, Kim Halley, Rafael Francisco Salas, Brenda Zlamany, Raul Ortiz, Eric Koester, Samantha Haring, Clara Fiahlo, Jim Ford, Michael Banning.

Got art news to share?

Effective April 1, 2022: Artdose Magazine Weekly will transition into a paid online platform. Our weekly art e-newsletter has been free since 2015. This summer Artdose Magazine transitioned into a regional art magazine highlighting art happenings from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Due to this expansion, it is in the best interest of the magazine to begin looking for ways to cover increased costs. Artdose Magazine Weekly will remain free for current advertisers. If you are interested in learning about our advertising rates, do not hesitate to reach out. Better yet, download our Ad Spec Sheet below.

If you are working in the creative field as an artist, owner of an artist run gallery, commercial art gallery, art group, arts center, institution, or art museum and based in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, we want to hear from you. Our Sunday weekly art e-newsletters are designed to reach a broader audience who appreciate and want to know more about the visual arts.

Submissions are due every Thursday by 11:59 pm (CST) and published every Sunday at 7pm (CST). Our content is also shared at

Did you know that the average open rate for this type of e-newsletter focused in this arts industry is 24%? Artdose Magazine Weekly is operating at a 43% open rate. We must be doing something right!

Submissions are free and unlimited for current advertisers (excludes art venues listings). We do offer leaderboard ads to promote your business at affordable pricing.

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