Selected Photographs for Artdose’s Vol IX Issue

To kick off this new year we at Artdose are going to have a quarterly juried exhibition in each of our issues. Each issue will have a specific area of focus, which will result in a two-page spread in our 2015 issues. 

Artdose Vol IX (photography)

Jurors’ Statement

The jury panel would like to say thank you to Frank and to everyone who sent in a submission. We took the responsibility of reviewing these photos seriously. Decisions required many passes to come to a consensus.

Photography is a wide ranging medium. Knowing this, the criteria were as follows. Composition is a subjective notion but we looked for an image the captures, pulls you in, or makes you think. Technical quality is the nuts and bolts. Color balance or tonality, focus, exposure, are the hall marks, but can include a quality presentation. Next is imagination. We were looking for a new subject, a fresh look, or anything that shows vision. Finally would be uniqueness. Anything out of the ordinary or a presentation that shouts something new.

Thanks and keep on shooting.

Here are our featured photographers. 

Elizabeth Ahlborn, Fond du Lac, WI

Tom Dent, Kohler, WI

Susan Fiebig, Fond du Lac, WI

Sarah Folz, Cedar Grove, WI

Elizabeth Mahoney, Ojai, CA

Sara Risley, Milwaukee, WI

Adrian Spinks, Cedarburg, WI

Ted Thieme, Sheboygan, WI

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.19.23 AM

To get your hands on this issue click here. 


Jurors: Pat Ryan, Dale Van Minsel and Ray Moody


_DSC0730cRyan has always been interested in art but it wasn’t until he purchased his first camera that he realized he had something special in his hands. He attended college in Milwaukee where he studied printing/photography. He learned all the technical stuff on a camera, e.g. f-stops, shutter speed, film speed, exposure, etc. Started with film then went digital. After he went digital, he attended classes for Photoshop. Ryan is partial to landscape, abandoned houses and buildings. He often hops in his car and heads off on a road trip just for the purpose of photography. The biggest influences in his photography would have to be Edward Weston, who dealt mainly with shape and texture, and Gregory Conniff who shoots mainly landscape. He met with Gregory and had the honor of printing his book “Wild Edges”.


Vanminsel_Promo Pic_v2Van Minsel has worked with the art and craft of photography since 1978 having served as event and public relations photographer for two colleges over the course of his professional career. His fine art work involves creating unique images mostly using the iPhone and photo apps. He has always enjoyed creating images depicting “altered landscapes” and “possible dimensions” using whatever medium was available at the time but iPhoneography and photo apps really allow him to create unique images without cost or equipment limitations. He has also had the opportunity to teach photography and iPhoneography at Cedar Valley Resort in West Bend, WI, University of Wisconsin Manitowoc and the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton, WI.


ray headMoody ss a self taught photographer with years of darkroom experience. In the past several years a need to create a more handmade photograph has captured his imagination and has sent him looking at the most early of photographic techniques. This course is the beginning of those processes. Moody’s interest in the arts started early. His father worked in the graphic arts and he was exposed to photography and printing at a very early age. Some of his earliest memories are of holding his grandfather’s Leica camera and being simply fascinated by it. He had a few cameras growing up and have always loved expressing his vision of the world in this way.

Published by Artdose Magazine

Founded in 2013, Artdose Magazine LLC is an independent print and digital art magazine committed to connecting and supporting the visual arts in the Midwest. Published by Frank Juárez, the magazine is premised on the belief that we all share common goals of introducing, engaging, and offering diverse art experiences. Artdose Magazine LLC appears in print as a bi-annual art magazine, through a weekly art e-newsletter and on Instagram and Facebook. About Frank Juárez Frank Juárez is an award winning art educator, artist, publisher, art coach, and former gallery director living and working in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.. Organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through professional development workshops, use of social media and networking has placed him in the forefront of advancing and promoting local artists and attracting regional and national artists to collaborate, network and exhibit in Wisconsin.

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