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Current Issue: Vol 32

Cover: Hector Acuna, The Barn, 2020, oil on stretched canvas, 120 x 144 inches. Image courtesy of the artist

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In this issue we introduce you to:

art: Hector Acuna, Jovanny Hernandez Caballero, Marianne Fairbanks, Daniel Fleming, Jeanette Martin, Kirsten Meier, Sara Moralez, Della Nohl, Rosy Petri

exhibition spaces: Art Preserve (Sheboygan), House of RAD (Milwaukee), Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (Wausau)

our growing artist directory: Ellen Anderson, Alexis Arnold, Ann Baer, Phyllis Banker, Morgan Barrie, Pat Bishop, Deborah Brooks, Blanche Brown, Ben Brummerhop, Bonnita Budysz, Ginne Cappaert, Amy Carani, Meg Ciccantelli, Tim Day, Emily Duke, Kristine Hinrichs, Jennifer Hochschild, Amy Jarvis, Clare Jorgensen, Mel Kolstad, Frank Korb, Issis Macias, Roxane Mayeur, Meghan Burke McGrath, Sara Meredith, Linda Popp, Jayne Reid Jackson, Teresa Sahar, Nicole Shaver, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Carol & Roy Toepke, Mark Weller, Jean Wells, and Sara Willadsen.

“connecting and supporting the visual arts in Wisconsin”

Art As Activism

Jovanny Hernandez Caballero

Contributing Writer:
Xela Garcia

“I am a storyteller,” Jovanny Hernandez Caballero says firmly when asked how he describes his art practice. I was able to connect with Jovanny after his photojournalism assignment with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel documenting a rally responding to the not-guilty verdict of the murderer of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. Facing and responding to the political climate has been a prominent element of Jovanny’s journey. 

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View From The Studio

(Hector Acuna, Daniel Fleming, Della Nohl)

Contributing Writer:
Frank Juárez

Hector Acuna’s art weaves together themes of his rural Midwest upbringing, a conflicted relationship with his Mexican heritage, and the human body as a social and cultural signifier. Within his mixed media practice, he traverses a multitude of subject matter and media by collecting, integrating, and juxtaposing visual information. Building on a foundation of autobiography; he looks to better understand the complexities and preconceptions of brown male identity in the United States.

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(Jeanette Martin, Sara Moralez, Rosy Petri)

Contributing Writer:
Juan Miguel Martinez

The spirit of community is the engine for many things, it drives people to move, is a force that seems to evade people who seek to understand. For the people that are on the ground and in the community, however, the explanation is simple – there is power in numbers. There is little room for idealizing and time is better spent organizing, for it is that which truly makes a statement and gets things done. Jeanette Martin is a Chicana community based artist who was born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee and employs this discipline, one that is rooted in not just art.

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On The Rise

(Art Preserve, House of RAD, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum)

Contributing Writer:
Rachel Hausmann Schall

Constructed only three miles away from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s downtown location in Sheboygan, the Art Preserve is home to over 25,000 artworks and is the only space of its kind in the world. The three-story structure was designed by architecture firm Tres Birds and fabricated primarily out of concrete and wood, honoring materials that artists from the collection employed in their work.

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Contemporary Fiber Artists

(Marianne Fairbanks, Kirsten Meier)

Contributing Writer:
Linda Marcus

Bold geometric shapes and vibrant colors are what first draws viewers to Marianne Fairbanks’ art. But a closer look reveals something deeper. Fairbanks says her art operates on different levels. “I DO want people to look from a distance and see it and be sucked in by how graphic it is even at a long distance and then by walking closer the complexity is revealed. And the fact that it is a woven surface.” 

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