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Cover: Katherine Steichen Rosing, Black and white Spirit Trees: (detail), 144 inches high, diameters range from 16 inches to 55 inches. Sewn from crushed tulle, and crushed voile. Embroidered patterns created with yarn, embroidery floss, beads, sequins. Image courtesy of the artist.

When a Tree Thrives, is an immersive installation, envisions the atmosphere and the important role trees play in removing carbon dioxide and mitigating effects of the climate crisis through the process of photosynthesis. Rosing hopes the work encourages viewers to find ways to minimize our carbon output and support reforestation

Rosing writes, “As a native Wisconsinite, our forests and lakes are an important part of my soul. Forests reveal cycles of time and nature which emerge in my paintings and drawings coded as rhythmic patterns of line, negative space, color, and texture. Every forest is different, and ever changing. Phases of life can be seen everywhere from the slender saplings and immense mature trees, to the diseased and fallen. In the quiet pools within the forests, ripples from insects, animals, and drizzling rain interact and disappear — ephemeral events.”

Immersed in a forest, lost in the luscious whorls of lichen, she remembers that lichen can be a sign of clean air, or a weakening tree. The rhythmic contrasts of narrow and wide trunks, vertical, diagonal, or horizontal, narrate the history of the forest from the elders to the saplings. She feels the bodies of the trees dwarf and engulf me making me part of the forest, for the moment. Peering at ripples on a pond, she wonders about the disturbances above and below. The chaos and tumult of modern human life melts away for a little while and she is in a timeless zone.

Surface and color are important in Rosing’s paintings where she develops relief surfaces to enhance the play of light and color like nature’s textures. She works in a wide range of sizes and formats from intimate oval paintings on birch panel to very large paintings on unstretched canvas and ten-foot long scroll drawings on archival Tyvek. She likes the intimacy of small works invite exploration of the surface while huge works engulf and surround us like wilderness.

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 In this issue we introduce you to:

art: Tania Espinoza Bonilla, Emily Clement, Sarah FitzSimons, Grilled Cheese Grant Artists, Ben Higgins, Karen Ann Hoffman, Rebekah Knuth, Sandra & Wence Martinez, Las R.A.R.A.S., Katherine Steichen Rosing, and Julie VonDerVellen

exhibition spaces: The Bindery, The Bubbler, and Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts

partnerships: Authentic Obsessions Podcast, Little Fire Ceramics, and The Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA)

our growing artist directory: Ellen Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Nancy Armitage, Ann Baer, Phyllis Bankier, Patricia Donovan Biesen, Jeanne Bril, Deborah Brooks, Bonnita Budysz, Amy Carani, Thomas William Clark, Tim Day, Holly Harnischfeger, Jennifer Hochschild, Jayne Reid Jackson, Amy Jarvis, Clare Kennedy Jorgensen, Mel Kolstad, Frank Korb, Robin Krauss, Linda Marcus, Karonbloo Marine, Mb Squared Photography, Meghan Burke McGrath, Marco Mendoza, Julie Nielsen, Jeanne Nikolai Olivieri, Linda Popp, Kathleen Pulz, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Scorpio Encaustics, Nicole Shaver, Sare Meredith/Smere Tactics, Jeff Stern, Jason Van Roo, Mark Weller, Charles Wickler, Sara Willadsen, and Zachary Worth.

“connecting and supporting the visual arts in Wisconsin”

Art As Activism

Karen Ann Hoffman

Contributing Writer:
Xela Garcia

Karen Ann Hoffman is an Haudenosaunee Raised Beadwork artist from the Oneida Nation and a beadwork student of Samuel Thomas and his late mom, Lorna Hill. Based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, she was selected as a 2020 NEA National Heritage Fellow. This distinction is given by the federal government recognizing outstanding achievement and contribution to our nation’s traditional arts heritage. 

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View From The Studio

(Emily Clement, Ben Higgins, Rebekah Knuth)

Contributing Writer:
Todd Mrozinski

The work of Emily Clement has this kind of patterned soul. Her pieces are connectors to the past in a contemporary language, patterned puzzles that play with space. They flip back and forth from flatly painted floral wallpaper to a still life of flowers merging and coalescing with both the material surface and spatial perception of what we are viewing. In much of the work, eras co-mingle. 

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BIPOC Artist Spotlight

(Tania Espinoza Bonilla, Ben Higgins, Las R.A.R.A.S.)

Contributing Writer:
Juan Miguel Martinez

“There are some different strings that are hard to pull together. Your hands get calloused, sort of a superficial burn”, Tania Espinoza Bonilla tells me. “Is that why you wear band-aids on your fingers in your videos?” I ask. “Yes, this has been a proven method to prevent my fingers from getting stiff”, she laughs. Behind Tania sit textile shapes that hang from wooden rods, creating mesmeric patterns. This is her art form, weaving and tying together ropes that convey a spiritual vision.

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On The Rise

(The Bindery, The Bubbler, Thelma Center for the Arts)

Contributing Writer:
Rachel Hausmann Schall

Newly opened in 2021, The Bindery is located right off of Kinnickinnic Avenue in Milwaukee’s Bayview neighborhood on Ward Street. It’s hard to miss, thanks to the unique storefront and prominent neon sign. The Bindery isn’t just a print shop or a bookstore. It’s a creative laboratory; one that’s community-minded and supports creative, literary, and book arts in Milwaukee. 

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Fiber Artists

(Sarah FitzSimons, Sandra and Wence Martinez, Julie VonDerVellen)

Contributing Writer:
Linda Marcus

Sarah FitzSimons has always felt connected to water, it’s beauty and it’s utility. “Water is something that exists outdoors and we have to bring it indoors to use. It’s one of those things that fits into the category of indoor and out-door and ‘THAT’ fascinates me,” according to FitzSimons.

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Partnership: Authentic Obsessions x Artdose Magazine

w/ podcaster and artist Margret Petrie

Artdose Magazine has partnered with Authentic Obsessions Podcast for this upcoming exhibition, Indiana Green 2021 Invitational, at the Center for the Visual Arts (CVA) in Wausau, Wisconsin. Podcaster and artist Margret Petrie will be interviewing Brianna Lyn Hernández Baurichter, Emma Freeman, Chelsea Littman, Kassandra Palmer, and Nicole Shaver as well as Frank Juarez.

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