Chalk It Up Event coming to Sheboygan

Image courtesy of SVA
Image courtesy of SVA

The Sheboygan Visual Artists Mission is SVA is a growing and active network of visual artists and supporters that enriches the community through the visual arts.

They exist to empower visual artists through professional development and collaboration, create opportunities for the community to experience and enjoy the visual arts, and to promote member artists and their work.

One of the events that SVA has found success is the Chalk It Up event spearheaded by Marie Rose about a couple of years ago. Every first time event can be a bit unpredictable on how the community will respond with such event. It is great to see one person’s vision continued to develop into one of the summer highlights of art and community. 

Click here to read the article on Chalk It Up written by the Sheboygan Press.

Chalk It Up takes place on July 16 at the Mead Public Library, 710 8th Street in Sheboygan. 

To register: Registration and info available at

Kudos SVA!

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