Second Annual Art as Poetry/Poetry as Art Exhibit Coming to Basil Ishkabibble’s Art Gallery

Submitted by Cheryl Mahowald for the Lakeshore Artists Guild

Mark your calendars!

The second annual Art as Poetry/Poetry as Art will be on display at Basil Ishkabibble’s Art Gallery in Two Rivers from June 25 – July 24, 2021. This exhibit features the work of eighteen visual artists and eighteen poets from around the states of Wisconsin and California. Each poet selected a submitted artwork to inspire their poem and each visual artist selected a submitted poem to inspire their art. This months-long collaboration has resulted in thirty-six pairings of poems and artworks.

Image: Dis/Grace”, mixed media fabric by Emily Bowles. Courtesy of the artist.

2021 brings new names and fresh faces to Art as Poetry/Poetry as Art. There are eight first-time participating artists and thirteen new-to-the-event poets.  Notably, Laurel Lee and Aurora Shimshak, mother and daughter poets from Wisconsin, will take part this year. Creative expression has always been an integral part of both of their lives. Many family conversations focus on the books they read and how this affects their art. A formally trained visual artist, Laurel says she has always enjoyed poetry; sharing her work at open mics. Aurora grew up in her mother’s art-filled home. After five years in the Wisconsin public school system, she gave up her career as an educator to study creative writing. Laurel attributes the family’s creative spirit to their love of literature, nature, animals, and gardening as well as each other. This shines through in her poem: “Eighteen-month-old” a tribute to her young granddaughter. Laurel states, “As a mom who feels life through art, it is just so nice to have my daughter at my side as fellow creator.”

Many Lakeshore Artists Guild members will be participating in this year’s event and all works will be available for purchase. Basil Ishkabibble’s is located at 1612 Washington Street, Two Rivers WI 54241. Exhibit hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10AM-5PM.

The paired works will also be available for viewing at 

Not only does Basil Ishkabibble’s host special events, the gallery represents an eclectic range of artistic vision expressed in oils and acrylics, photography, sculpture and carvings, assemblage, textiles and feathers, mixed media and jewelry. It is also home to Two Rivers Talks, a bi-weekly hometown news and events podcast.

Founded in 2014,  the Lakeshore Artists Guild strives to advance the appreciation and dissemination of fine art in all of its forms by promoting art and fine craftsmanship, maintaining standards of excellence and creating a vibrant art community in the Manitowoc County area. The Guild provides an opportunity for Lakeshore area artists to connect with one another, promotes mutual support among artists, provides opportunities to exhibit, and supports interest in the visual arts. For more information about the Lakeshore Artists Guild, please see their website at



By Laurel Lee

The back of an eighteen-month-old

blond hair sticking straight out of the top of the head,

growing back after being rubbed off

from naps, and car seats, and strollers.

shiny blond it picks up light

Is like glass or sunshine or slippery like water.

blond hair bounces on an eighteen-month-old

looks happy, looks curious, looks frustrated

it can’t keep up with four-year-old brother

who can do everything.

blond hair that fifty-nine-year-old grandma wants to hold

but that is for her mom not me.

She does like me because

She puts toys in my lap

while blond hair sticks out funny from winter hats.


By Robert G. Stetson

On the farthest margin of our age

the weather ever changes;

clouds build or swirl, grow dark, then light

when bright sun glistens gaily.

When bright sun glistens gaily,

see the world in sharp perspective.

Hark how the sounds are winter crisp;

even clouds stand out in bold relief.

Even clouds stand out in bold relief

as we see with youthful eyes;

our view of the horizon set

in accordance with our height.

In accordance with our height,

and perhaps imagination,

images will form and then

dissolve beyond all recognition.

Dissolve beyond all recognition,

then return as something else.

Some memories behave this way;

improved with age as it’s said.

Improved with age as it’s said,

ever growing, ever changing;

memories and clouds alike,

on the farthest margin of our age.

Published by Artdose Magazine

Founded in 2013, Artdose Magazine LLC is an independent print and digital art magazine committed to connecting and supporting the visual arts in the Midwest. Published by Frank Juárez, the magazine is premised on the belief that we all share common goals of introducing, engaging, and offering diverse art experiences. Artdose Magazine LLC appears in print as a bi-annual art magazine, through a weekly art e-newsletter and on Instagram and Facebook. About Frank Juárez Frank Juárez is an award winning art educator, artist, publisher, art coach, and former gallery director living and working in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.. Organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through professional development workshops, use of social media and networking has placed him in the forefront of advancing and promoting local artists and attracting regional and national artists to collaborate, network and exhibit in Wisconsin.

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