Walking Art Tour with Artdose Magazine

By Frank Juarez

The summer has been full of activities, exhibitions, events, concerts, and so on. I have driven over 6,000 miles since mid-June. The mileage has been a combination of business and leisure. Regardless of where the road took us, art is always on the top of the list. Some of the art we encountered were researched or stumbled upon. I gravitate more towards art that is discovered versus planned. This makes it more exciting.

Our active online presence provides our followers and subscribers with a sample of what is happening throughout the state of Wisconsin. Occasionally we sprinkle what we encounter from other states. Regardless of where the photos were taken, it is always about the art and community.

This got me thinking. What if I shared a bit more about our travels such as where to stay, where to explore, what to see, and where to eat. Perhaps this would encourage others to travel (if and when comfortable, of course). I realize that I may be speaking to the choir, but art not only opens our eyes to beauty around us, it also stimulates the local economy. Boy, if only my wallet could talk.

I thought it would be neat to try something a bit different. Today, a small group of us got together to catch up and take a brisk walk downtown Sheboygan to learn about the art that we saw in the span of three blocks in downtown Sheboygan. My goal is to share more about our travels.

P.S. congratulations to Ryan Liebl for her premiere of Mags and Julie Go On a Roadtrip at the Stephanie H. Weill Center. A majority of her film was taped in Sheboygan.

Ryan Liebl was a past guest artist on Artdose Talks. Click here to view.

If you go

Paradigm Coffee & Music, 1202 N. 8th Street

Art in Public Spaces: Natural Bridge Study/Estudio de Puente Natural by Mary Anne Kluth, 826 N. 8th Streett

Art in Public Spaces: P.E.A.R.L. (Prism. Emitting. Abstracted. Radiant. Light) by Michael Moore, Sheboygan’s City Green

Art in Public Spaces: Threading A Dream by Nancy Saleme and Patricia Cazorla, south wall of Mead Public Library

Honey and Ace, 817 New York Avenue

Feel free to download for your next visit to the Malibu of the Midwest

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