Milwaukee Gallery Night and Day Highlights

Var Gallery on 2nd | 30 x 30 x 30

April 22 – June 18, 2022


Var Gallery on 2nd | 30 x 30 x 30

Var Gallery is pleased to present the 8th iteration of the 30x30x30 Exhibition, an esteemed juried group exhibition of new works by 40 artists at Var’s 2nd Street location. The exhibition opens Friday, April 22nd, 2022. 

Var Gallery’s 30 x 30 x 30 Exhibition invites selected artists to make 30 pieces, in 30 days in the month of January. The goal of the experience is to stimulate an aggressive art-making marathon to kickstart the beginning of the year, and result in an spring exhibition that provides gallery visitors the ability to collect small works from many artists. 

​Exhibiting Artists:
Liala Amin, Lydia Andersen, Jesse Bell, Sara Bott, Chloe Brunker, Luke Chappelle, Gaby Lamoureux as clove bird, Ann Connolly, Abigail Dudley, Holly Dudley, Añamarie America Edwards, Susan Evenson, Benjamin Fairly, Daniel Fleming, Emma Daisy Gertel, Janelle Gramling, Sindie Ho, Amanda Kachar, Emily Keown, Amber Klootwyk, Britni Mara, Michie Miller, Olivia Molter & Noah Twombly, Z Moralez, Amanda Mulcahy, Kel Mur, Brendan Murphy, Katherine O’Truk, Mia Pergl, Carley Schmidt, Justin Scroggins, Seonjoo So, Angie Stalker, Lilith Zupanik, Jillian Tackaberry, Brandom Terres-Sanchez, Samuel Thompson, Avery Weiler, Charlie Wetzel, Lindsey Yeager

If you go:

Var Gallery on 2nd

643 A. 2nd Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204

Ends June 18, 2022

Text source: Var Gallery

Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

Hawthorn Contemporary | Seers, Craftsmen: Scott Espeseth + Colin Mathes

March 5 – April 23, 2022


Seers, Craftsmen: Scott Espeseth + Colin Matthes

Hawthorn Contemporary is pleased to announce the exhibition opening of Seers, Craftsmen featuring the works by Scott Espeseth (Madison, WI) and Colin Matthes (Milwaukee, WI).

With distinctly different outcomes, Espeseth and Matthes capture their lives and moments of clarity through the cathartic act of drawing.  In this sprawling installation of works on paper, Seers, Craftsmen will feature the artists’ recent drawings in pencil, watercolor, pen, and ink. As part of the reception, viewers will be invited to play a game and win a specially priced drawing from Colin Matthes.

Scott Espeseth earned an MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he worked with storied print artists such as Frances Myers and Warrington Colescott. His work has since evolved to focus mainly on drawing, usually with commonplace media such as graphite pencils and ballpoint pen. His drawings have been described as “clairvoyant,” often depicting familiar spaces charged with a sense of dark presence, or other instances where planes of existence clash: the future sending messages to the past, memory intruding upon the present, or the subconscious bleeding into consciousness. He has exhibited nationally, including solo exhibitions at the James Watrous Gallery of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, and Alcove Gallery in New York, NY, and numerous national and international group shows. 

Colin Matthes, Wisconsin, USA, grew up on a farm on the outskirts of a village with three bars, a post office, and the world’s greatest junk parade. Installing electric at small-town county fairs, wiring trailer parks, and using photocopy machines formed the way he makes things and views the world. 

Hawthorn Contemporary, located in the historic Walker’s Point neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is an art venue dedicated to presenting experimental and exploratory contemporary art. 

This exhibition has ended.

Visit Hawthorn Contemporary for upcoming exhibitions.

Text source: Hawthorn Contemporary

Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

Var Gallery on 5th | Stratosphere: Andrea Guzzetta

April 9 – June 5, 2022


Var Gallery on 5th | Stratosphere: Andrea Guzzetta

Var Gallery is pleased to announce STRATOSPHERE, a solo exhibition of new works from Andrea Guzzetta at Var’s 5th Street location. The exhibition opens Saturday, April 9th, 2022. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition, though she has long-standing relationship with Var Gallery. She spearheaded the ideation and curation of the very first 30x30x30 exhibition which has since become a Milwaukee staple and recently curated and exhibited in the “Before We Broke Up” Show at the gallery in 2021.

With STRATOSPHERE, Andrea Guzzetta presents a series of new multi-media paintings that explore the fragile impermanence of human relationships to each other and the world. Using traditional techniques of oil painting layered with embroidery, collage, and sculptural elements, Guzzetta’s work explores an obsession with love, death, transition, and growth through visual symbols of raining flowers and rainbows. The layered mediums and symbols are connected through a pastel rainbow palette, often employing twilight gradients of sky blues to sunset pinks. In total, this series presents an immersive meditation on the ephemeral and places human existence in the stratosphere.

​Guzzetta bridges concepts of the fleeting with grander existential meaning. She writes, “When I look at the world, I think the most beautiful things are both ephemeral and eternal: clouds, rainbows, sunrises, flowers: they only exist for a brief moment and yet they have existed for millennia. The cloud you’re seeing will live a short life, and in the scheme of the universe so will you and I. There’s something beautiful about that, about the idea that each individual will love, will grow, will die and that you can chart the beauty of a life in what we leave behind.” 

And as much as these works stand in awe of a greater existence, they also consider the particles of what remains. Guzzetta explains, “I believe that the promise of death gives life meaning and makes every life precious. We are like clouds drifting in the sky. We will break apart, but the essence of what we were will nourish new life in the world, and that’s beautiful.”

If you go:

Var Gallery on 5th

706 S. 5th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204

Text source: Var Gallery on 5th

Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts | Electric Eclectic II

April 22 – May 27, 2022


Walker’s Point Center for the Arts | Electric Eclectic II

The second iteration of Electric Eclectic is here! See more than 20 photographers from southeastern Wisconsin in a unique mix of themes and presentation styles.

Exhibiting Artists:
Barb Budish, Carl Hartt, Christina DeSpears, Cindy Hansen, Cindy Lesky, Curt Reichert, Geri Laehn, Jack Long, Jim Poliak, Kevin Hansen, Lew Cadkin, Linda Johnson-Dynek, Lynn Roginske, Meredith Watts, Michael Havice, Michael Nowotny, Roy C. Schmidt, Sue Cadkin, Vinay Sinha

If you go:

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

839 S. 5th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204

Text source: Walker’s Point Center for the Arts
Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

The Alice Wilds | Tom Bamberger: Horizon Lines and Flowers

April 1 – May 14, 2022


The Alice Wilds | Tom Bamberger: Horizon Lines and Flowers

Tom Bamberger: Horizon Lines and Flowers 

We are honored to present a selection of vintage gelatin silver prints from Tom Bamberger’s pivotal series Horizon Lines executed between 1994 and 1999. Beginning with nudes and portraits of the 1980’s through the suburban tableaus of the 1990’s, Horizon Lines would see the end of Bamberger’s psychological and sociological investigations in favor of a pure and objective photographic vision. Long fascinated and inspired by the rapid evolution of photographic technology Horizon Lines would be his last works executed using traditional analog photographic processes. This exhibition continues with a selection of Flowers, direct high-resolution scans created within the last few years of botanical specimens that apply scientific scrutiny to our most universal symbol of sensual beauty

Tom Bamberger attended Boston University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he studied philosophy and taught mathematical logic. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including shows at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Art Institute of Chicago; Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York; the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Bamberger has received both a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and a fellowship from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

If you go:

The Alice Wilds

900 S. 5th, #102

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

Text Source: The Alice Wilds

Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

The Warehouse | The Secret Garden

February 18 – May 27, 2022


The Warehouse | The Secret Garden | Mural by Emma Daisy

The Warehouse Art Museum and Research Center

Inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved novel, The Secret Garden offers visitors a refuge from Wisconsin’s harsh winter months and the gray faceless mask of covid.

The Secret Garden is an explosion of color, fantasy, and imagination waiting to be explored through paintings, drawings, works on paper, photographs, murals, sculpture, ceramics, and glass.

The exhibition is curated from The Warehouse Art Museum’s nationally recognized permanent collection, together with new works commissioned for the show.

With every turn through the garden’s secret passageways, you will be surrounded by surprise, hope, healing, serenity, fairy-tale charm and the reassuring red thread of beauty.

Walk barefoot through the cool stream water of William Kentridge’s family garden. Stride with Faith Ringgold through a field of aromatic sunflowers and see, is it possible, Vincent van Gogh? Listen with Pablo Picasso to the spring-time chirps of a just-hatched dove! Meet these artists and many more in your secret garden.

Danielle L. Paswaters, Curator and Director of Exhibitions and Collections

If you go:

The Warehouse

1635 W. St. Paul Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53233

Text source: The Warehouse

Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel | Backbone: Natalie Baxter

January 28 – May 22, 2022


Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel | Backbone: Natalie Baxter

Natalie Baxter explores concepts of place-identity, nostalgic Americana, and gender stereotypes through sculptures that playfully push controversial issues.

In Backbone, Natalie’s work of soft sculpture – bloated flags, large crazy quilts, oversized housecoats, and woven laundry baskets – questions the historic and contemporary definitions of gendered labor in the United States. Baxter asks us why and how (in deceivingly soft fabrics) is the labor statistically placed on American women – namely the efforts of caretaking, cooking, cleaning, and other relative housework – not defined as conventional “hard labor?”

How are these activities not excruciatingly hard yet rewarded by very little, zero, or exponentially negative pay? And more importantly, how are they not, in countless ways, recognized as life-sustaining and deserving in their own right of governmental support, medals, and accolades?

Baxter is currently based in New York. She received her MFA from the University of Kentucky in 2012 and a BA in Fine Art from the University of the South in Sewanee, TN in 2007.

If you go:

Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel

139 East Kilbourn

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Text source: Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel

Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

MARN ART + CULTURE HUB | Me and the Mountain: Daniel Fleming

April 16 – June 5, 2022


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Milwaukee in March, 2020, forcing much of the city indoors to escape the mysterious virus, Daniel Fleming turned to paint and canvas to make sense of it all.

Two years later, his paintings, his meditations, and his unedited stream of consciousness during a time of widespread confusion is on display at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB.

The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, or MARN, is excited to present “Me and the Mountain,” an immersive time-capsule containing Fleming’s journey inward. It is MARN’s second two-month exhibition of the year, and will run from April 16 to June 5 at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB, located at 191 N. Broadway.

Fleming asks viewers to walk amongst unstretched paintings strung between columns, mimicking the chaos and confined feelings Fleming experienced over the last two years in his small studio. Stretched paintings hang around the installation in the perimeter of the gallery and allude to the calm within the uncontrollable storm. 

Fleming describes his approach to each painting as individual diary entries that together make up an archive for later reflection.

“As one might scribble their thoughts in a private book without notation or concern for a connecting thread…a rapid-fire expression of impulse, anxieties, and ongoing attempts at understanding as each day passes.”

The “Me and the Mountain” exhibition was selected through MARN’s March 2022 Request for Exhibition Proposals, an exhibition funded in part by the gracious donation of Kathy Mykleby.

If you go:


191 N. Broadway

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Photos: ©2022 Artdose Magazine

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