Announcement: The Money $how Photo to be Published in National Geographic Publication

Photo courtesy of Frank Juárez. The Money $how co-curated by Artdose Magazine and Kolaj Magazine at Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2021).

After months of email correspondences, publisher Frank Juárez is thrilled to announce that this image will be published in an upcoming 21st Century Communication program issue of National Geographic Learning ELT (English Language Teaching). It will be distributed and translated into all languages both in print and electronic media throughout the world.

This photo was taken during the installation of  The Money $how (2021) at Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel.  After Saint Kate curator, Samantha Timm and Frank Juárez installed Ric Kasini Kadour’s “Don’t You Wish You Could Jump?”, he wanted to capture this moment with Samantha holding this labor intensive dollar pinnin’ piece – 100 dollars bills to be exact.

To see more photos of The Money $how click here.

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