jeanne albumbackfullsize first took an interest in painting growing up watching her grandmother paint. She was moved by her grandmother’s ability to tell stories without words. Having spent several years majoring in Zoology at University of Montana, Jeanne loves nature and calling attention to the importance of a balanced world. “I paint the landscapes I have lived in or visited, the people I know or who have captured my attention somehow, and I love painting animals. I like adding a bit of whimsy, or something hidden to find in the painting while making up little worlds.” Her paintings all reflect a reverence for nature, a love of the creatures that populate the earth, and the fragile balance that holds all aspects of an ecosystem together. The messages are not blatant, but rather a nudge to consider the consequences of the loss of the balance. For example, she is currently working on a large piece depicting two polar bears trying to eat the sun, an obvious reference to the melting of the polar ice caps. Another of her recent pieces, Time Waits…, is an allegorical piece relating to species we are losing, and the sense of urgency she feels to ending the issue.

One subject Kuhns frequents is crows. “Why do I paint crows? They are so part of my life every day. I listen to their communication outside my workspace all day long, they seem to be wherever I go, having learned to adapt to the changing world around them. They are curious but cautious, because they are smart, and they listen and watch and are extravagantly joyful in their flight. I love the depth of their color. I feel a spiritual connection with them and love all the lore and mythology hanging around them.”

Kuhns is the owner of Door County’s Lost Moth Gallery, located at 7975 Highway 42 in Egg Harbor. In addition to showing her own work, Jeanne also exhibits the paintings, pottery and sculptures of other Door County artists whose work is in keeping with the goals and character of her gallery. Lost Moth Gallery is currently exhibiting the paintings and multimedia work of Dawn Patel and the pottery of Tony Menzer.

Jeanne’s musical talents are also a large part of her artistic life. She has many albums to her credit, and is one third of the progressive folk/rock group, Small Forest. It is Jeanne’s connection to the Door County music community that helps bring patrons to her gallery through occasional intimate house concerts. She is also the genius behind the Woodwalk Concert Series, which takes place each summer at the Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor.

To learn more about Jeanne Kuhns and her work, visit her online at jeannekuhns.net, or facebook.com/LostMothGallery.


Erika L. Block is the owner of Creative Studios, an advertising and marketing agency specifically for creative professionals, and Creative Publishing, an independent publisher of creative genre books, eBooks and magazines. Her recent magazine, VIR-TU-OS-I-TY is a national quarterly publication by, for, and about creative people. Block is also the founder and president of National Creative Competitions, an online series for people at all stages of their creative careers. To learn more about Block visit elblock.com and virtuosity-magazine.com.

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