Artdose Magazine Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary at Saint Kate – the Arts Hotel

May 1, 2023 For Immediate Release Contact Frank Juárez, founder + publisher frankjuarezgallery(at)gmail(dot)com Sheboygan, Wisconsin – This year marks Artdose Magazine’s 10th Year Anniversary. Artdose Magazine hosted an event at Saint Kate – the Arts Hotel on April 29, 2023. This event brought attendees from across the state to celebrate this milestone. Publisher, Frank Juárez spoke onContinue reading “Artdose Magazine Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary at Saint Kate – the Arts Hotel”

Diane Christiansen: Feeling Paint

Linda Marcus The “vibrations” emanating from Diane Christiansen’s paintings are palatable. The known, yet unknowable shapes and colors beckon the viewer to come closer and join in on the conversation. The Chicago based painter, singer and therapist says creating these linkages is vital not just to her art but to living. “That’s where I startContinue reading “Diane Christiansen: Feeling Paint”

Maggie Sasso: Where the Loom Becomes the Space

Linda Marcus Materials and context are vital to the conceptual and fiber-based practice of Milwaukee based artist Maggie Sasso. “Every material has a push back point. As a maker you have to work with the material and empathize with it. It’s less about conquering the material and really more about empathizing with it,” according toContinue reading “Maggie Sasso: Where the Loom Becomes the Space”

A Glimpse Into Artdose Magazine Vol 33

Artdose Magazine is pleased to share with you our upcoming roster for our Summer 2022 Issue Vol 33. We look forward to working with them and are grateful for their support. This issue will be available early July 2022 at various locations throughout the Midwest. They are: Collaborators Chicago Gallery News | Chicago, Illinois RockfordContinue reading “A Glimpse Into Artdose Magazine Vol 33”