Winners of the Plymouth Arts Center’s Annual Holiday Membership Exhibition

ExhibitionThe Plymouth Arts Center Announces the Winners of its 21st Annual Holiday Membership Exhibition

The public was invited to join members of the Plymouth Arts Center for the festive opening reception of the 21st Annual Holiday Membership Exhibition on Friday, December 2, 2016. J. Gregory Vadney, Executive Director of the Rahr-West Art Museum in Manitowoc, served as Judge for this event and presented the awards. The 85 pieces of art in this show celebrate the creative and diverse talents of Plymouth Arts Center members.  Viewers are treated to paintings in oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel as well as photographs, mixed media pieces, sculptures, porcelain painting, prints, stoneware, forged iron and more. Presenting sponsors for this exhibit are Mooney & Siegert Law Office and Kathy and Paul Sartori.  This exhibit runs from December 2nd through January 20th
The Judge stated:  “Thank you to the Plymouth Arts Center for the opportunity to again participate as a judge for the Holiday Membership Exhibit.  In a membership exhibit, we’re given a sort of snap shop illustration of what this particular institution is as this moment.  Each artwork, no matter the media used, contributes to this glimpse.  As a visitor, as a collector or as a judge, I visit an exhibit with the same simple desire:  Show me something I can’t get everywhere else.  It may be virtuosity – demonstrated skill in the artist’s chosen media that clicks with my sensibilities.  Alternately it may be audacity – a perception of risk communicated by the artist in their art.  Often, it is a balance of both:  Accessible, but with a glint of daring.” The winners are:
Oil Painting by Artist LORI BERINGER
Judge’s Comments:“A superbly executed painting in the impressionist style. 
The offsetting colors of the house and surrounding vegetation strikes a distinct mood.”

Acrylic Painting by Artist THERESE RANDALL
Judge’s Comments:“A high quality illustration which uses acrylic to its advantage. 
Educated shadowing and depth makes this a lively painting.”

Mixed Media by Artist KAY JELINEK       
Judge’s Comments: “A vibrant, energetic abstract. 
This mixed media has purpose and a pleasing color palette.”

RODEO WOMAN                
Oil Painting by Artist MARY ULM-MAYHEW
Judge’s Comments: “The personalities of the two characters in this scene stand out. 
By concentrating on the foreground, the eye is drawn to the faces, which convey a great deal of emotion.”

Oil Painting by Artist WANDA YUHAS WELLER
Judge’s Comments: “Confident brushwork and a forceful composition.”
O’ GREAT SPIRIT           
Oil on Canvas by Artist PENNY KLEFSTAD 
Judge’s Comments: “I don’t rate art on political overtones, but this peaceful nocturne scene contrasts sharply with the tipis currently facing the literal and metaphorical cold winds in Standing Rock, ND.  This luminous creation is understated.”
Watercolor by Artist KATHLEEN MULHOLLAND
Judge’s Comments: “A delightful blended watercolor.”
FAIR TIME                       
Altered Photograph by Artist DALE VAN MINSEL
Judge’s Comments: “Often, digital artists fall into the trap of mimicking traditional visual arts media.  This is a unique example of an artist using the benefits of digital technology to create a new type of art.”
Presented in memory of Robert Heuel, O.P.A., nationally recognized oil painter, who was our friend and one of the first to support the original mission of the Plymouth Arts Center … to provide a professional venue for the exhibit of fine art created by Wisconsin artists.
Monoprint/Ink/Watercolor by Artist SHARON GARRISON
Judge’s Comments: “A well-constructed, well thought multimedia portrait full of personality and charm.

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