Ireland: Rocks & Real Estate Exhibition at GLAS

Ireland: Rocks & Real Estate

Artist Peg Haubert


Reception Sunday, Aug. 20, 1-3 PM

This is the last day of Irishfest in Milwaukee and one day before the total solar eclipse. Seems a perfect day for coffee, scones, stories and stones.

924 N 14th St, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Glas Coffee House

On view thru September


This show is a stroll thru Ireland – down memory lane. Peg spent a total of 11 weeks exploring Ireland, Scotland and many of the smaller Islands a while back and finally had 20 of the thousands of slides taken printed – to refresh her memory. Each area contains astounding landscapes no matter the time of year.

Views of sacred ruins, cairns, stone circles and the now the famous Tory Island situated 9 miles off the coast of Donegal, home to the last King of Ireland whose also a painter are featured in the show. Catch a view of the midnight sun.

It is true – everything that ever happened in Ireland is still evident.

Rocks and trees hold elaborate stories. Perhaps you know a few? Come and share them on Sunday. You do not have to be Irish to appreciate this show.

Photos printed on canvas.

Photos printed on paper with encaustic a topcoat.

All are for sale. Sizes vary.

For more info email:


Mon-Wed…7 AM – 8 PM






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