Maggie Sasso: Where the Loom Becomes the Space

Linda Marcus Materials and context are vital to the conceptual and fiber-based practice of Milwaukee based artist Maggie Sasso. “Every material has a push back point. As a maker you have to work with the material and empathize with it. It’s less about conquering the material and really more about empathizing with it,” according toContinue reading “Maggie Sasso: Where the Loom Becomes the Space”

Deep Time: Paintings by Jason Van Roo at Between Two Galleries

MILWAUKEE, WI – Var Gallery will feature the artwork of Jason Van Roo at its first exhibition of 2022 called “Deep Time.” Rooted in a relationship with the natural world, Van Roo’s work invites the viewer to let themselves get lost in the deeply rendered layers of acrylic and pastel, which lean into the grainContinue reading “Deep Time: Paintings by Jason Van Roo at Between Two Galleries”

More Scenes From “Our Addictions to Fictions”: New and recent paintings by Michael Davidson at the Caestecker Gallery, Ripon College

Frank Juarez The last time I saw Michael was probably two and half years ago and seeing his work in person was May 26, 2018. When I received notice that he was going to have a solo exhibition at the Caestecker Art Gallery in Ripon, I knew I had to go. I have always enjoyedContinue reading “More Scenes From “Our Addictions to Fictions”: New and recent paintings by Michael Davidson at the Caestecker Gallery, Ripon College”

Art Is Heating Up in Wisconsin

written by Frank Juarez About two weeks ago, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with the amount of exhibitions and events that have been popping all over the state of Wisconsin. I try to keep my finger on the Wisconsin art pulse. As places start to open, it does make it difficult to keep up.Continue reading “Art Is Heating Up in Wisconsin”

The House of RAD, Milwaukee

Frank Juarez House of RAD 3700 N. Fratney Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 Last weekend I ran into artist Brandon Minga at the Brady Street Art Walk. Even though the talk was brief, we managed to catch up fairly quick ending with a “next time I’m in Milwaukee, I would love to check out your newContinue reading “The House of RAD, Milwaukee”

The Art World In Wisconsin Is Opening Up

Frank Juarez Yesterday I attended the 41st Annual Secura Fine Arts Exhibition at the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton, Wisconsin. I arrived around 5:15pm. When I was inside there were quite a a few people in the gallery viewing this year’s artworks, which were juried by Todd Mrozinski, Benjamin D. Rinehart, and Christina Turner.Continue reading “The Art World In Wisconsin Is Opening Up”

Quarantine in 2020: No Place Like Home

written by Frank Juarez, publisher On March 16th my professional life changed. Sheboygan North High teachers and staff were told that school was going to be closed the day after until April 4th according to Governor Evers. For those of you that may not know, I am a high school art teacher of nineteen years.Continue reading “Quarantine in 2020: No Place Like Home”