Photographers, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath to be featured in Art SLAM

Two early members of Lakeshore Artists Guild, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath are Manitowoc residents, and Wisconsin based photographers, who have enjoyed traveling and the outdoors all of their lives.  The last twenty plus years, they have been doing their favorite things together, cameras in hand.

Their subjects vary from scenic, wildlife, still life, and most recently, daily life on a small farm.  

Per Corey, “The project that I started working with father/son farmers that raise cash crops of corn and wheat, and also do custom harvesting for other farmers. There are also dairy farmers involved, and yes, those farmers need to milk 2 to 3 times a day every day.  So if the farmers want a day off, they need

someone to take over the operation while the famer is gone.”  Agricultural life is often very busy, or quite slow. When planting and harvesting, a farmer will work as long as the weather holds good. 14 to 16 hour days are common. “For now,” Corey explains, “The project is on hold for now, but hopefully it will start up again soon.”  

Corey and Cindy are part of the Rural Arts Roadtrip, which is a tour of artist studios this year on October 12th and 13th.  They work in a space on a farm west of Chilton. Visit for info:

Corey’s work has been seen in Midwest Review for 4 years in a row; as well as part of the “Wild and Scenic Wisconsin” calendar for 2014.  Both Cindy and Corey’s work has been exhibited at Silver Lake College.  

For a fuller look at their work, visit:  as well as their facebook page:

Both Corey and Cindy now work in digital formal.  In Corey’s words; “I went kicking and screaming into the digital age. I loved getting the little yellow boxes of slides from the lab – and the excitement AND disappointment of looking at your work for the first time.  But we now love the instant feedback that you get from digital.  It also gives us the freedom to take creative risks with some of our images.  When in the past we might not have tried a shot because of cost of film and developing, now we can take whatever we want and just delete the misses”.

Originally, Cindy comes from Stevens Point, while Corey is from Hustisford WI.  Whether in the backyard wildflower garden, standing on the shore of a quiet Wisconsin lake, or on a mountain in the open west, they enjoy capturing the beauty before them and relaying the feeling that inspired them to stop and photograph the scene. They find Manitowoc a good place to live while being inspired by it’s natural beauty.  Travel now is their main goal; Cindy loves Grand Teton National Park and Corey’s favorite is Glacier National Park.  Both of them are developing a love for Alaska.  

For the inaugural Art Slam, both Corey and Cindy will be doing photography in the downtown area.  


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