Inaugural Art Slam Manitowoc: a BIG Hit!

Written by Jody Kuchar for the Lakeshore Artists Guild The Lakeshore Artists Guild excitedly premiered their grand idea this past weekend with the inaugural Art Slam Event.  By all standards, Art Slam was a great success.  Leading up to, and the first day of Art Slam, interest was very high; and if Facebook is aContinue reading “Inaugural Art Slam Manitowoc: a BIG Hit!”

Art Slam Committee Announces Judges for Art Slam

Written for Lakeshore Artists Guild by Jody Kuchar The Lakeshore Artist Guild members are presenting for the first time ever, Manitowoc Art Slam; an event aimed at getting local artists in the out of doors to create art in the downtown area of the city.  The art, in the spirit of En Plein Air willContinue reading “Art Slam Committee Announces Judges for Art Slam”

Art Slam to Award Prizes to Juried Artists 

by Jody Kuchar for Lakeshore Artists Guild When the key members of Lakeshore Artist Guild began the structure for Art Slam as an event, it was quickly decided that to attract artists from outside the immediate area, there needed to be incentive, or motivation to participate by artists other than guild members.  The committee quicklyContinue reading “Art Slam to Award Prizes to Juried Artists “

Manitowoc Readies for Art Slam 2018   

written by Jody Kuchar for Lakeshore Artist Guild The 2018 Inaugural Art Slam kicks off with a private Reception for Art Slam Artists and Sponsors on Friday, September 14th, from 6 to 8 pm in The Riverview Room at The Wisconsin Maritime Museum.  Artists who have not already done so can register at this event. ArtistsContinue reading “Manitowoc Readies for Art Slam 2018   “

Photographers, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath to be featured in Art SLAM

Two early members of Lakeshore Artists Guild, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath are Manitowoc residents, and Wisconsin based photographers, who have enjoyed traveling and the outdoors all of their lives.  The last twenty plus years, they have been doing their favorite things together, cameras in hand. Their subjects vary from scenic, wildlife, still life, and mostContinue reading “Photographers, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath to be featured in Art SLAM”

Upcoming: Art Slam Manitowoc Event coming this fall

Event Schedule Manitowoc Art Slam Opening Reception for Artists and Donors, a private event, kicks off Art Slam on Friday, September 14th in the Riverview Room at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. The event will feature keynote speaker Katie Ries; as well as music, drinks, light snacks and artist registration. Katie Ries is an Assistant Professor of Art atContinue reading “Upcoming: Art Slam Manitowoc Event coming this fall”