Artist Podcasts on Apple & Spotify

written by Frank Juarez

One of the things that I miss is connecting with artists through studio visits, receptions, artist talks, events, etc. As artists we need some type of connection in order to keep ourselves sane during these difficult times. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a few podcasts popping up on social media spearheaded by artists from North East and South East Wisconsin. Each delivering its own flava of art speak whether solo or collaborative.

Artists are creative, resourceful, and have perhaps come out of their comfort zone to connect with other artists virtually. It took me awhile to get a bit comfortable behind the webcam when I started to facilitate my Artdose Talks in late March. With the use of technology, the sky is definitely the limit.

To find these podcasts, enter their podcast name into the search box. All of the podcasts listed below are new and have 1 to 2 episodes under their ‘creative’ belt.  Take a listen. 

Authentic Obsessions w|Margret Petrie

A creative life is messy and complicated and contradictory. Creativity flourishes when we are brace, when we practice compassion, and when we connect with our communities. Listen as artists share the working habits and mental and physical spaces that nourish their creativity. 

Artsy Fartsy w/ Taylor Barstow

& Jaymee Harvey Willms

Jay and Tay dig through their art school toolbox and share with each other (and you) bits of literature, art history, and processes of art each week. Join these two art nerds on a plethora of tangents, diatribes, and great art talk.

Typeface w/ Erika Block & Kirby Tousey

Creative women talking to other creative women. 

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