Vision, passion, and commitment to the visual arts in Wisconsin

Written by Frank Juarez

In 2006, I visited one of my best friends in Virginia. A common interest of ours is visiting art galleries and art museums. On a sunny afternoon, we found themselves in downtown Richmond. I stumbled upon a visitor’s guide, which featured art galleries, artists, restaurants, boutiques, and so on. During this time, I was co-owner of a contemporary art gallery, Barrow + Juarez, in the Third Ward in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What I liked about this particular guide was that as a visitor I had some guidance as to where to go to see art. In some way, I felt connected. 

Since my move to Sheboygan in 2004, I have witnessed the local art scene grow. Art communities of all sizes comprised of art groups, traditional and non-traditional gallery exhibition spaces, artist studios, and businesses that support the visual arts were thriving. 

In 2013 I decided to launch my very own art publication called Artdose Art Guide as a project though my gallery, Frank Juarez Gallery, as a way to expose, educate and engage people about the visual arts in the North East and South East Wisconsin. This art guide developed into a quarterly art publication, which featured exhibitions, events, screenings, workshops, and so on that took place at galleries, art groups, institutions, arts centers, art related-businesses, and artist studios.

Below is our first issue of Artdose.

At the end of the first quarter (2018), Artdose Art Guide took a left turn and downsized to a French-fold publication. This decision was based on the data collected, which communicated a slow decline in advertising. A printed publication is an expensive project to maintain due to printing costs, shipping, sales, interest, etc.  But I felt deep down that it was too soon to ‘throw in the towel’ and the need to reinvent Artdose was a necessity. This reinvention matured into an art magazine, which was piloted in Vol XXVII. This brought more content, contributing writers, ongoing outreach, and more expenses.

Below is our VOL XXVII cover featuring the work of Jesse Bell.

My vision, passion, and commitment has paved the road for Artdose Magazine to continue moving forward one issue at a time. Artdose is a labor of love. The ride thus far has been up and down. What I have found to be successful is to be open to collaboration bringing others into the conversation. In no way, shape, or form is Artdose perfect and most likely will never be. However, as we move forward we embrace change and do what we can to make each issue better and relevant to the ever-changing Wisconsin Art landscape.

There are a lot of publications in Wisconsin that  touch upon the visual arts, but there is only one that is committed to providing its readership with a  well-rounded introduction to artists, art-related businesses, curators, and exhibitions spaces living and working in Wisconsin. The people is what drives creative economies, vision, and impact on the community through their art, services, programming, etc.

Artdose Magazine goes well beyond just print, It participates in community art initiatives, sponsorship, partnership, and sharing the platform to educate, advocate, and engage the broad [art] community.

In January 2021, it will enter its 8th season. 

Published by Artdose Magazine

Founded in 2013, Artdose Magazine LLC is an independent print and digital art magazine committed to connecting and supporting the visual arts in the Midwest. Published by Frank Juárez, the magazine is premised on the belief that we all share common goals of introducing, engaging, and offering diverse art experiences. Artdose Magazine LLC appears in print as a bi-annual art magazine, through a weekly art e-newsletter and on Instagram and Facebook. About Frank Juárez Frank Juárez is an award winning art educator, artist, publisher, art coach, and former gallery director living and working in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.. Organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through professional development workshops, use of social media and networking has placed him in the forefront of advancing and promoting local artists and attracting regional and national artists to collaborate, network and exhibit in Wisconsin.

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