United States Artists Announces 2023 USA Fellows

Forty-five unrestricted $50,000 fellowships awarded to artists working across ten disciplines. Submitted. Chicago, Illinois –  United States Artists (USA) is proud to announce its 2023 USA Fellows. This year, forty-five Fellows across ten creative disciplines will receive unrestricted $50,000 cash awards. The award honors their creative accomplishments and supports their ongoing artistic and professional development. USA Fellowships are awarded toContinue reading “United States Artists Announces 2023 USA Fellows”

Peninsula School of Art’s Artist-in-Residence is in Full Swing

Frank Juárez Last year the Peninsula School of Art piloted its artist-in-residence program with 6 artists from across the country. I came across this program by accident via social media. Last year around this time, I was in Door County for a weekend of relaxation. I happened to look through Instagram and saw that Sheboygan-basedContinue reading “Peninsula School of Art’s Artist-in-Residence is in Full Swing”

Conversation with artist Francesca Simonite

Frank Juarez I discovered Francesca Simonite‘s work through one of MARN‘s exhibitions, C is for Conversations, early this Fall. From a distance, I was drawn to her work by its sculptural form. As I approached the work, I noticed that her work was not only sculptural, but also photographic. The work was different from whatContinue reading “Conversation with artist Francesca Simonite”