Mid-Century Mavericks: Mary Nohl and Lucia Stern at Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art

Debra Brehmer, Director 207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 526 Milwaukee, WI 53202 portraitsocietygallery@gmail.com Hours: Thursday-Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. PRESS RELEASE January 21 through March 19, 2022 Portrait Society Gallery is excited to present Mid-Century Mavericks: Mary Nohl and Lucia Stern, an exhibition that unites for the first time two of Wisconsin’s most important historic women artists.Continue reading “Mid-Century Mavericks: Mary Nohl and Lucia Stern at Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art”

Conversation with artist Francesca Simonite

Frank Juarez I discovered Francesca Simonite‘s work through one of MARN‘s exhibitions, C is for Conversations, early this Fall. From a distance, I was drawn to her work by its sculptural form. As I approached the work, I noticed that her work was not only sculptural, but also photographic. The work was different from whatContinue reading “Conversation with artist Francesca Simonite”

Review: Recognizing Success Amidst the Pandemic

Rachel Hausmann Schall It can be exhausting to continuously dwell on discussing how the pandemic has hindered or completely halted the familiarity of our everyday routines, impacted how we attend events, sustain careers, and maintain relationships. As a change of pace, focusing on the positives allow us to celebrate the successes born out of theContinue reading “Review: Recognizing Success Amidst the Pandemic”