Legacy Boxes Workshop with artist Angela Johnson

Take photography into the 3rd dimension. Create a foldable decorative artist box for someone you want to memorialize or honor. PhotoMidwest presents a two-day workshop held in Madison, WI on Dec 4 – 5, 2021. In this workshop, you will create a foldable decorative artist box that will contain a memento, photograph or other item/smallContinue reading “Legacy Boxes Workshop with artist Angela Johnson”

Two Fall Workshops at Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC

Suminagashi Workshop Instructed by Erika Block Thursday, October 19 at 6 PM – 8 PM Suminagashi, which translates to floating ink, is the ancient meditative Japanese practice of gently floating pigments on the surface of water and then capturing the monoprint image on various papers. This workshop includes: • Review of supplies and preparation •Continue reading “Two Fall Workshops at Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC”

Paint Your Pet Workshop at EBCO ArtWorks

  For Immediate Release: EBCO ArtWorks 1201 Erie Ave Sheboygan, WI Call: (262) 416-1ART (1278) Peg Haubert, SVA Volunteer Marketing/Communications Lead 920-452-2699 (cell phone) 414-861-2025 – peghaubert@yahoo.com   “Paint Your Pet” Sheboygan Visual Artists is pleased to announce a new painting party series happening in the Art Factory. “Paint Your Pet” with SVA Artist Lori Scherer. ThreeContinue reading “Paint Your Pet Workshop at EBCO ArtWorks”