Legacy Boxes Workshop with artist Angela Johnson

Take photography into the 3rd dimension. Create a foldable decorative artist box for someone you want to memorialize or honor. PhotoMidwest presents a two-day workshop held in Madison, WI on Dec 4 – 5, 2021.

In this workshop, you will create a foldable decorative artist box that will contain a memento, photograph or other item/small items of a person or event you want to memorialize or honor. Makes a great gift for yourself or someone else. No experience needed. Instructor: Angela Johnson.

See this link for more details: https://www.photomidwest.org/classes

Times & Dates: 10:00 am – 2:30 pm Saturday, December 4 and 10 am – 2:30 pm Sunday, December 5, 2021.

Location: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 4011 Major Ave, Madison, WI 53716 (east side of Madison). ADA accessible, elevator. Free convenient parking in the parking lot and street parking out front.

Workshop Fee: $130 / $120 (PhotoMidwest members)PhotoMidwest Education Committee

About Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson Artist is an on-line small business that offers high quality creative and mindfulness services, on-line art classes, and individual creativity coaching to enhance personal growth and self- confidence in support of client and participant’s goals. Angela is a creativity coach, professional artist, educator and entrepreneur. She earned both an MA in Art Education and MFA with a focus in photography from UW-Madison and has been teaching both formally and informally for 22 years.

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