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VOL 32

January – June 2022

Cover: Hector Acuna

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Featuring The House of RAD (Milwaukee), Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (Wausau), and Art Preserve (Sheboygan); artists Hector Acuna, Rosy Petri, Kirsten Meier, Della Nohl, Marianne Fairbanks, Jeanette Martin, Daniel Fleming, Sara Moralez, Jovanny Hernandez Caballero; and a growing list of advertisers, art venues, and artists.

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VOL 31

Featuring The Bubbler (Madison), The Bindery (Milwaukee), and Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (Fond du Lac); artists Tania Bonilla, Emily Clement, Sarah FitzSimons, Ben Higgins, Karen Ann Hoffman, Rebekah Knuth, Sandra and Wence Martinez, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Julie VonDerVellen, and the collective Las R.A.R.A.S.; 2021 Grilled Cheese Grant artists; our newest partnerships with the Wisconsin Visual Artists, Authentic Obsessions Podcast and Little Fire Ceramics; and a growing list of supporters, art venues, and artists.

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VOL 30

Featuring Liala Amin, Terrence Adeyanju, Celeste Contreras, Shannon Lee Molter, Mahogany Gallery, Jaron Childs, Iuscely Flores, Mindy Sue Wittock, Emerging Art Leaders Fellowship Program, Rountree Gallery, Akira Mabon, Anika Kowalik, Tyanna Buie, Arts + Literature Laboratory

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VOL 27

Featuring Jesse Bell, Krista Allenstein, Beth Zinsli (Wriston Art Galleries), Josh Hintz (Var West Gallery), Maureen Ragalie (Saint Kate Arts Hotel), Nirmal Raja

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VOL 28

Featuring Siara Berry, Leslie Walfish (Allen Priebe Gallery), Backspace Gallery, Derrick Buisch, Scout Gallery, Vital Signs Gallery, Megan Woodard Johnson, David Wells (Edgewood College), Whitewater Music Hall, Wallpapered City

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VOL 29

Featuring Phoenix Brown, Jes Zange, Danielle Passwaters (Union Art Gallery), OS Projects, Frank Korb, Kendra Bulgrin (James May Gallery), Levee Contemporary, Maureen Ashley Turner, Tyler Friedman (MOWA), Gluon Gallery, Wisconsin Quilt & Fiber Museum

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