Unveiling of the Sheboygan Collage Collective Project at Molly’s Cobbler Shop. August 27, 6-8pm.

Join Sara Willadsen, Frank Juarez, and Kevin Hansen for the unveiling of a large scale collage collective project. The project was created at The Knaak + Juarez Studio. Over 20+ artists participated in this project. Some of the artists that participated in this project are Marty Carney, Renjie Zhou, Tom Rauwerdink, Kay Jelinek, Liz Ann Lange, Andrew Liebhard, Dionne Landgraf, Brooklyn Landgraf, Stuart Howland, Susan Radke, Laura Spalinger, Diana Allen, Tamara Remington, and Dale Knaak.

This project will be unveiled at Molly’s Cobbler Shop, 1003 Michigan Avenue in Sheboygan. There will be a reception on August 27, 2015 from 6pm – 8pm at 1003 Michigan Avenue.




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