Artdose Meet-n-Greet at Riverwalk Art Center

A big thanks to Kathryn Driefuerst from Riverwalk Art Center for hosting our Artdose Meet-n-Greet and to Sandy Janquart for helping plan out this special day. This special day brought some of the people and artists who have contributed to this art publication.

The idea of Artdose started in 2006. I visited one of my best friends, Randall, in Virginia. One of our common interests is visiting art galleries and art museums. On a sunny afternoon, we found ourselves in downtown Richmond and I stumbled upon a magazine, which featured art galleries, artists, restaurants, boutiques, etc. What I loved about this particular magazine was that as a visitor I had some guidance as to where to go to see art.

Since my move to Sheboygan in 2004, I have witnessed the local art scene grow. Today, it is a thriving arts community with art groups, traditional and non-traditional gallery exhibition spaces, artist studios, and businesses that support the visual arts such as Two Fish Gallery, The Pink Llama, Riverwalk Art Center, Lakeshore Art Supplies, Sheboygan Visual Artists, Seranya Art Boutique and Studio; to name a few. 

In 2013, I decided to launch my very own art publication called Artdose Art Guide. This art guide was my contribution to continue exposing, educating and engaging the community about the visual arts in the North East and South East Wisconsin. In 2018, Artdose will be celebrating its 5th year. Currently, it is going through a redesign, but we know you will love it! Slated to be released January 2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following for their continued support: Mel Kolstad, The Sheboygan Visual Artists, Eighty Art & Design, Joyce Babel Worth Art & Design, Riverwalk Art Center, Global Arts Gallery, The Pink Llama, Two Fish Gallery, Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC., The Hub/Seranya Studios Art Boutique, Erika Block, Dale Knaak, and Sally Carson. 


New Artdose (detail) to be released in January 2018. Design by Sally Carson.

Artdose Meet-n-Greet at Riverwalk Art Center in Fond du Lac.

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