Social Club Gatherings – a new Artdose initiative

Last month, Frank Juarez launched a new initiative called Social Club Gatherings, which aims to bring people together to learn about the local arts across Wisconsin. On May 25th, we hosted our second social club gathering at James May North in Algoma, Wisconsin.

The Social Club Gatherings are part of the new Artdose Magazine.

To stay in the loop visit our Facebook group page at

Video: Art in Algoma panel discussion at James May North. Running time: 56:05


To see a list of upcoming events visit:

About the social club gatherings

The goal of the social club gatherings is to bring people together to learn about the local arts in Wisconsin. They are scheduled on a monthly basis throughout Wisconsin. Every visit is hosted by someone working in the arts industry with each venue having a 2-hour program for education, networking, and creative engagement. Social Club Gatherings are organized by Frank Juarez of Artdose Magazine.

To request more information about this initiative complete the form below.

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