Art Is Heating Up in Wisconsin

written by Frank Juarez

About two weeks ago, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with the amount of exhibitions and events that have been popping all over the state of Wisconsin. I try to keep my finger on the Wisconsin art pulse. As places start to open, it does make it difficult to keep up. This is a good thing, right?

This challenge motivates me to continue to share what is happening with our social media followers and Artdose Magazine Weekly subscribers through our weekly art newsletter, submissions, and things that are stumbled upon.

On July 16 & 17, Milwaukee had its quarterly gallery night and day sprinkled throughout Milwaukee. This event brings out many to experience the visual arts found in galleries, culture hubs, artist studios, and even in businesses. I happened to miss this one. The next one is scheduled for October 15 & 16, 2021. Mark your calendars.

The Wisconsin Visual Artists South East Chapter hosted a new exhibition titled, “Artist Spotlight”. This exhibition featured the works of 17 WVA members at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. This exhibition runs through August 29. The Cedarburg Cultural Center is located at W62546 Washington Avenue, Cedarburg, WI 53012.

On July 23, the Center for the Visual Arts (CVA) hosted Artdose Magazine’s annual Indiana Green Invitational. This exhibition features new works by Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter, Emma Freeman, Chelsea Littman, Kassandra Palmer, and Nicole Shaver. Indiana Green 2021 Invitational is curated by Frank Juarez.

The work on exhibit ranges from graphite drawings to cast glass and fiber art installation to sculpture bringing the tactility of the artists’ chosen materials to the forefront. The intensive labor is evident in these works of art through the permanence of the artists’ hands embedded in memory, loss, and love. This exhibition runs through September 12, 2021 at CVA, 427 N. 4th Street, Wausau, WI 54403. If you haven’t visited Wausau, you should. I would be more than happy to put an itinerary for you. Feel free to contact me.

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