Now on View: Paul Druecke’s Sign Of The Times at the Trout Museum of Art, Appleton, Wisconsin

video courtesy of Paul Druecke

Participating artists:

Allison Wiese

Anja Notanja Sieger

Beth Zinsli

Chuck Stebelton

Claire Readig

Ella deBoer

Frank Juárez

Irene Strohbeen

Ish Klein

Jennifer Johung

Jenny Gropp

Joshua Ballew

Joshua Lambrecht

Kathy Flores

Laura Jones

Laura Solomon

Le’Andra LeSeur

Maeve Jackson

Maria Van Laanen

Alderperson Maiyoua Thao

Matthias Neumann

Maureen Ragalie

Peter Scott

Ruben Veritá

Sarah Aziz

Sridevi Buddi

Stacy Blint

Timber Smith

Tyanna Buie

Valaria Tatera

Violet Gray

Willem Dafoe

William Fuller

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