Feed Your Soul 2022 at the House of RAD

Frank Juárez

The rain, wind, and fog did not stop people from attending this annual event. As I was walking throughout the House of RAD, people were everywhere, eating, drinking, looking at art, seeing the creative process unfold in real time, and buying art all aimed to benefit families in need in Eastern Wisconsin. The moment I walked into the House of RAD, I was hooked.

2022 marks Feed Your Soul’s 19th year raising funds to fight hunger with art! Feed Your Soul 2021 raised $100,000 all to benefit Feeding America Eastern WI with the goal of reaching one million dollars. The format reminded me of Open Canvas organized by Jeff Kursel back in 2007, which was a fundraiser for MIAD scholarships. Two great causes and I love that art is at the center of these experiences.

30 artists participated in live painting, drawing, stenciling, etc. It felt like a reunion seeing artists again, which I haven’t seen since COVID. Regardless of the time, it felt as if I just saw them yesterday. Reunited and it felt sooooo gooooood.

This was my first time attending this event and will definitely add it to calendar for 2023.


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Feed Your Soul 2022 at the House of RAD

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